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A holding hand for anxiety & depression


The prospect of counselling may feel scary and I understand that finding the right therapist is truly important.

Together we can look at anything you bring to our counselling sessions and find a way forward that helps you make the changes you want.

There are 3 methods of gaining wisdom.

The first is reflection which is the highest,

The second is limitation which is the easiest

The third is experience which is the bitterest.


Together we can explore:


Emotional distress :  Feelings of anger & frustration, low self-confidence, stress, relationship difficulties, panic attacks, loneliness and isolation


Making life changes:  personal growth and issues connected to identity, sexuality and life direction.

Life events:  Starting / ending a job, lost relationships, becoming a parent, childbirth, moving, separation & divorce and bereavement

Managing repetitive behaviours: Overcoming a sense of stuckness, obsessions, addictions and other compulsive behaviours.

I work with adults of all ages and treat everyone with the same dignity and respect, regardless of: gender, age,  sexual orientation, religion, parental status, disability and ethnicity.



Keeping you safe and working in alliance with you, to build resilience and esteem levels at a comfortable and meaningful pace.

Coronavirus has changed lives.  Social anxiety and generalised anxiety disorder have made an uninvited invasion into our worlds.

Counselling enables us to permit an open landscape in which to navigate the complexities of life transitions.

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Please feel free to call or email for an initial chat with no obligation to proceed further if things just don't feel right for you.

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